Virtual Marketing Officer - VMO

Fractional marketing leadership for any company size

Marketing Leadership on demand

Times are changing. Now more than ever, clients are looking globally to expand their reach and need a trusted strategic advisor no matter where their business is. We can become your Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO) helping you execute on your vision virtually anywhere.


bizmanage Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO) gives you access to the skills, experience and strategic insight of proven marketing professionals without the premium salary of a full-time Director of Marketing or CMO. Our VMO clients are assigned a Marketing Officer who directs a team that consists of a Strategist, a Marketing Manager and a Marketing Coordinator, with in-house access to Web Developers and Graphic Designers when needed. This team of marketing gurus works for your organization to evaluate, recommend, and implement strategic marketing plans. We learn your business and become part of your business.


Start ups or 7-figure businesses who —

  • Have great visions, but no time or desire to manage complicated marketing
  • Don’t require a full time experienced professional
  • Are already investing time and money into their marketing campaigns to build scalable results
  • Understand that consistency in marketing is what leads to legitimate long-term results
  • Are able to give up some control over their marketing to experts and specialists
  • Are more interested in the most efficient marketing tactics and not just “what everyone else is doing”
  • Value and appreciate balance and flexibility as part of doing business

VMO (Virtual Marketing Services) are yearly services engagement for companies requiring a Marketing leader on staff, part time. Ready to start the discussion?